Lost + Found

What is the Babiators Lost & Found Guarantee™?

We believe outfitting your child with Safe, Durable, and Awesome products is too important to let the loss of your Babiators product get in the way of your adventures! If your little aviator's Babiators products are lost or broken within one year of purchase, and you have completed the registration process within 30 days of purchase, we will send you one FREE product replacement (*All you pay is the $15.00 shipping cost for orders within Canada. ). Please note that your replacement product is for the same size and color as your original purchase.

How do I register my Babiators?

It’s easy! Go to https://babiators.com/pages/guarantee-program#redeem-btn. Enter your contact information and the 12 digit UPC code found on your Babiators packaging. The 12 digit UPC code is found at the bottom of the bar code located on your product packaging / tag. Once your information is submitted, you will get an email from guarantee@babiators.com with your unique guarantee registration number. Keep this number somewhere safe - just in case your Babiators are lost or broken within one year from the date of registration. Please see the example UPC/bar code below:

What if I lose my registration number?

Not a problem! Send an email to guarantee@babiators.com with your name and the email address you used to register your Babiators. You will receive a reminder email with your registration number within 1 business day.

How do I get my replacement product?

If you lose or break your Babiators within one year of purchase, don't worry, we've got you covered! Simply visit this link and enter your unique guarantee replacement code and email address to order your replacement Babiators. As a reminder, you will need to pay the $15.00 shipping costs within Canada.

How long will it take to receive my replacement Babiators?

We understand the urgency in wanting to get your Babiators replacement product back into the hands of your little aviators! We will work hard to get your replacement product to you as soon as possible, but please allow up to two weeks to receive your shipment.

Can I get a replacement product with my registration number from the store where I made my Babiators purchase?

We love our retail partners and hope you visit your local Babiators retailer again soon, however, retail stores are not able to provide customers with replacement products. The Babiators Lost & Found Guarantee™ is centrally managed from our website and direct warehouse. Don't worry, we will take great care of you!

Can I submit more than one guarantee claim at a time and pay only one shipping charge?

We hear you and would like to help, however, our redemption system only allows for one product replacement per transaction / per unique guarantee registration number.

Can I order additional Babiators products while submitting a redemption claim?

We're thrilled that you want to order more Babiators products! Unfortunately, we are not able to combine new item purchase transactions with redemption/product replacement transactions. Our online store and our guarantee redemption systems are separate programs.

Can I select a different product, color, or size when submitting a redemption claim?

We are glad to know you are interested in our other colors, styles, and products. That said, our guarantee program only offers an exact replacement for the product that was lost or broken.

Is the guarantee program honored world wide?

Participation outside of the USA varies based on country. During the registration process, there is a pull down menu that shows which countries currently honor the guarantee program. Still have questions about our Lost & Found Guarantee™ program?

Feel free to email us anytime at guarantee@babiators.com. We are here to help!